Frequently Asked Questions

For a speaking event to turn up the energy in the room

If you’re considering booking a keynote speaker for your upcoming event and would like to know more about my sessions, then please take a look here for a few of our frequently asked questions.

What size groups do you work with?
For keynote speaking events, the group is generally audience sizes of 30+. For workshops, this can be groups of any size and is quoted separately.

How long do your sessions last for?
Keynote speaking sessions generally run for 30 minutes. A workshop can be 4- 8 hours in duration.

What preparation do individuals need to do ahead of time?

Which role within the organisation do you like to speak with in order to plan your session?
I offer to come to the workplace of my Keynote clients and spend a few hours talking to people at all levels of the organisation. This allows me to customise my delivery to increase the impact for change.

If we have a topic in mind, can we ask you to cover this theme?"

Do you provide leave behind material?
I will have posters and small booklets available that the audience can purchase.

Is the session able to be recorded?
Do you have additional examples of your work?
Yes, I do and I will be happy to share these with you on request so you can understand my style of presentation.

How do I facilitate a booking?

Simply contact me on email and I will arrange a time to call and discuss what you’re looking to achieve from the event/session. From there I will arrange a recommendation of content and provide a quote for services.