Giving Back – It Feels Great!!

by | Oct 2, 2023 | All Blogs

Had the honour of sharing an hour with the class of 2023 today at St Laurence’s College, the school I went to back in the day.

It was awesome to have this opportunity to give back to a school that changed the direction of my life.

I asked myself the question in preparation, “what is the most powerful stuff I now know that I wish I knew just before I left school to enter the ‘jungle’?”

I focussed on the neuroscience of trust, self leadership and personal resilience. How to apply it in times of emotional difficulty or stress, and then how to use it to help others do the same.

Oh how I wish I knew that back then!! 😂😂

Thanks St Laurence’s College and 2023 School Captain, Mackenzie Douglas, for the honour and privilege today. It was, and will be the best speaking gig I will ever experience. 🙏

Black and Gold all the way!! 🖤💛🖤💛