For your next corporate event, look to inspire the room, reset core leadership values and create an entirely memorable experience with one of Brisbane’s leading corporate keynote speakers.

A keynote tailored to your audience

For a keynote experience that both inspires and entertains, choose a speaker who will connect on a level that supports your leadership focus, tailoring a presentation based on the needs of your business and its people.


Looking for ideas? Consider ‘SHARPEN your environment’.

Underpinning the core of the keynote address will be the SHARPEN theme, a 7-point approach to leadership in today’s organisations. Tailored to all leadership levels, this approach has been built up over 20 years of real-world experience of working with hundreds of leaders and is distilled into this easy-to-follow method. Environments change people. Leaders must become the curator of the environment their people turn up to everyday, physically or virtually.

Speak up

Create an environment where people are willing to stand and speak up. To raise a mistake. To raise an idea. To come to you and be vulnerable. To say they are having a challenge at home that affects their work. You will create an environment where people want to come to work and and choose to give their discretionary effort.



It defines heroes. Being able to say I don’t know. Make a mistake and admit it. Put your ego behind you. It’s a critical lesson often learned the hard way. Take on a humble approach to all things, whether in chaos and stress or not. Better to be humble and curious. You will get the love back from your people. Comparatively to those who like to shine through their ego!



Your role will push you in many directions and test your authenticity. You will be tried in positions where you feel you need to be someone else, an alternate personality. You don’t need to. Be vulnerable with your people because you will get it back from your people in spades. You don’t always need to have the answer. If you do that with your people and allow them to do that with you, a connection is almost guaranteed.



If you recognise behaviour in someone, their brain will recognise that and send a message that it feels good. I need to drive towards that again. Remember to recognise specifically the behaviour, not just say ‘good job’. Instead, it’s essential to stipulate the behaviour you saw, ie. “I loved how you went over and helped John with his end of month reporting; thank you.”



It breeds potential! And so the idea of positivity attracts potential not only from the people in your environment but also other people who will want to come work in your environment because they hear about it.



You have to show empathy towards people no matter how contentious or difficult the situation is. When you don’t show empathy (not sympathy) in challenging conversations, you lose the connection. When you begin to lose the link, your people will be less and less willing to tell you what is going on. Always being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is critical in creating an environment where people want to come and do more for you.


Never give up

The message here is around resilience and curiosity. Be curious about what’s going on. Why are you feeling a certain way? It will put you in a better position as to how you’re managing yourself and the emotional response of others.

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