As the world we live in becomes faster and more complex with growing uncertainty, the role of leadership at home and at work is much more challenging.

A leader’s number one priority should be to curate environments where people feel they can bring all of themselves to work and feel supported, encouraged, and challenged to be their best.

A leader’s ability to create certainty in uncertain environments and cultivate a team culture of respect, fairness, trust and courage is now a competitive advantage for organisations.







During the Leadership Development Program, we explore these three habits both intrinsically (applied to self) and extrinsically (applied to the team environment). The intrinsic element supports the notion that ‘one must put their own mask on before helping others’.

Using Neuroscience and evidence-based techniques, we first focus on building self-awareness and self-management capability. This enables the participants to experience these learnings themselves, which provides them with a much deeper ability to help others. Individual and team clarity is paramount in developing high performance. Providing clarity in these times is not a set and forget anymore. It takes effort and relies heavily on open and trusting relationships between the Leader and the Team Members.

During the Program we explore several techniques that participants can easily apply in their life to create greater clarity. Furthermore, we introduce a Team Culture analysis and diagnostic tool that enables the Leader to understand their Team Culture and apply accurate actions to improve it over time. Finally, we turn our attention to Developing Capability. In this session, we offer participants frameworks that enable them to assess each Team Members capability based on the challenge of their role and create individual action plans that they can take back to the work environment and apply with each Team Member.

We also delve into the mechanicians of communication and the importance of cultivating strong interpersonal skills to drive better outcomes from their interactions with the team members and network within the organisation.

Throughout all Programs, we use experiential activities that provide the participants with an opportunity to apply the learnings in a fun and safe environment. This creates real shared experience which bonds the participants and deepens relationships.

A team is not a group of people who work together.
A team is a group of people who trust each other.


-Simon Sinek

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