Practical Solutions for Workplace Culture: How Consultants Can Help Business Owners Drive Greater Performance Through Steve Sharp’s SHARPEN Framework

by | May 1, 2023 | All Blogs

Attracting and retaining top talent remains a key challenge for businesses worldwide, leading many organizations to seek external support in driving greater performance results. Enter workplace culture consultants – experts with valuable insights into how firms can cultivate positive environments conducive for people engagement and therefore, commercial performance. By incorporating psychological safety measures such as safe discussion spaces, employers can significantly improve communication within teams and create lasting relationships between management and employees.

Despite its importance, psychological safety is often neglected in workplaces and relegated to the realm of Occupational Workplace Health and Safety. However, Psychological Safety is the root cause of engagement. Engagement tends to be the main driver of performance. By utilizing the SHARPEN framework developed by Steve Sharp, a Brisbane-based speaker, facilitator, and advisor, people leaders and executive teams can achieve significant success across various settings.

This approach provides tailored solutions that consider the specific challenges that each workplace faces while fostering a culture of establishing human connections, providing consistent clarity and developing capability for optimal high performance. Steve Sharp’s pragmatic approach to team culture improvement is resulting in higher productivity and talent retention for his clients. Frustrated individuals seeking clarity on their workplace environment walk away with actionable steps to analyze team culture and make necessary changes.

These changes lead to a competitive edge against the ever-changing business world, making a psychologically safe environment crucial for resilience against the tide of constant change. Psychological safety is an essential component for organizational growth as well as employee engagement and satisfaction. Companies that endorse it and invest in their leaders to create and maintain it, have higher chances of achieving long-term success than those who do not prioritize building such environments. Sharp’s SHARPEN framework enables leaders across all industries to build trust-based teams by focusing on creating secure spaces where people can express their thoughts or admit mistakes without fear of negative consequences—an essential prerequisite for innovation, collaboration, talent retention and bottom line growth.

Steve’s emphasis on person-centered strategies is highly effective in producing long-term outcomes for businesses. The SHARPEN framework promotes psychological safety and the creation of a culture grounded in connection, clarity, and capability which allows teams to achieve high-performance goals. Leaders who prioritize psychological safety can instill confidence within their workforce and promote a happier workplace environment. Organizations that utilize frameworks like SHARPEN have the potential to reap immense benefits.

If you want to empower your teams to deliver high performance and foster a psychologically safe work environment, consider adopting Sharp’s SHARPEN framework. By prioritizing psychological safety and cultivating a culture of connection, clarity, and capability, you can create a long-term competitive advantage for your organization. Don’t wait to make a change – start implementing practical solutions for workplace culture today.