Should You Share Your Feelings During a Work Conflict?

by | Jun 14, 2023 | All Blogs

In the midst of a heated disagreement at work, a range of emotions can arise – disappointment, anger, frustration. But the question remains, should you express those emotions or keep them to yourself? The choice to express or withhold emotions may not be the crux of the matter, but rather the ability to make a conscious decision. Emotional control is like taming a wild animal sometimes, however, those that master it are far more productive, easier to work with and build stronger connections in the long run.

So, should you unleash your emotions or keep them on a tight leash? It’s not about the mere act of expression but rather the power to choose. By understanding the hidden layers of our emotions, and weighing the benefits of sharing them, we can navigate conflicts with finesse. While there’s always a risk involved, expressing emotions with the intention of fostering understanding can lead to remarkable resolutions.

Of course, leadership teams also play a monumental role in creating a psychologically safe environment where team members feel they have that choice to begin with.

Let’s wrangle those wild emotions and engage in mindful, empathetic dialogue to tame the conflicts that come our way.