Sums it up beautifully

by | Jul 8, 2023 | All Blogs

It’s time to expose the truth: employers’ attempts to address mental health in the workplace are often nothing more than shallow gestures.
Sure, the one-off workshop and occasional mindfulness sessions have their place, but they are too often used as Band-Aid solutions that fail to address the root causes of the problem.

Employers need to go beyond token gestures and take real, meaningful action to prioritise mental well-being. This means creating a culture that destigmatises mental health, providing comprehensive support systems, and reevaluating policies and practices that contribute to stress and burnout.

Critically, leadership teams need to educate themselves and set specific, actionable goals to improve mental health in the workplace. There’s not blanket solution – every business has their own set of challenges relating to burnout and stress.

Superficial fixes won’t cut it—we need authentic action that actually prioritises employees’ mental well-being. If you’re not thinking about this every week, then you’re not listening to your team anywhere near close enough.