Why the World Can’t Quit Quiet Quitting

by | Jul 7, 2023 | All Blogs

Quiet quitting is but a symptom of a much bigger issue: leaders sleeping on the wheel when it comes to psychological safety and mental health in the workplace.

While the term may have lost its TikTok allure, the underlying issue persists – a significant portion of the global workforce experiences disengagement, resulting in an annual cost of $9 trillion. Don’t believe me? 67% of full-time employees across Australia and New Zealand fall into the quiet quitting category according to Gallup’s State of Global Workplace 2023 Report.

Quiet quitting emerged as a knee-jerk response to overwhelming workloads and burnout, with employees resigning to meet only the bare minimum requirements. However, the real culprit lies within the workplace environment, particularly the dance between employees and their managers.

To break free from this cycle, organisations have to start prioritising a thriving workplace that cultivates effective managers and an environment that fosters employee engagement and well-being.

It’s time to give employees a genuine reason to stay engaged, excited, and committed to their work.