Why We Find Ourselves Constantly Exhausted From Work

by | Aug 6, 2023 | All Blogs

The modern workplace is becoming a pressure cooker, and the signs of burnout are becoming harder to ignore. From relentless job insecurity to hybrid work dilemmas, it’s no wonder people are feeling stretched to their limits.

It’s like a perfect storm of exhaustion brewing, pushing folks to pull extra hours just to stay off the chopping block. Say goodbye to the days of Bare Minimum Mondays; now, people are clocking overtime just to survive. Meanwhile, the top brass seems to be swimming in fortunes while everyone else is treading water. So, how do you know if you’re spiralling into the abyss of exhaustion? Look out for those warning signs: drained energy, disappearing excitement, social withdrawal, mental and physical fatigue, and a whole lot of other red flags.

As an employee, remember, this isn’t a battle you have to fight alone. But the key is to prioritise yourself amidst the chaos – after all, you deserve to thrive, not just survive. In this era of unrelenting demands, championing your well-being is the ultimate act of resilience.

As leaders, we have to do a better job of picking up those warning signs and doing something about it. Trends like prioritising the employee experience and our teams’ mental well-being aren’t surfacing because the new generation is “soft” or “entitled” but because workplace dynamics have changed entirely. If you don’t give your team what they need out of their work experience, they’ll find someone else who will sooner or later.