Are ‘Doom Loops’ Ruling Your Workplace? How To Stop The Negativity

by | Sep 12, 2023 | All Blogs

In today’s world, negativity is like a bad habit we just can’t quit. We gobble up bad news like it’s the latest celebrity gossip. I’m loving the term for this called the “doom loop”.

Leaders, employees, and the whole organisation can get sucked into this abyss of negativity. From return-to-office battles to productivity plummeting faster than a lead balloon, it’s all wrapped up in this nasty loop. But guess what? We don’t have to drown in the doom and gloom. We’ve got the antidote: It’s all about tiny, positive actions that add up to a massive turnaround.

See, we humans are wired to dwell on the bad stuff, but we can train ourselves to break free. Teach your team how to squash those negative thoughts, inject some positive information into decision-making, and create a work environment that fosters hope and possibility.

No need for fake cheerfulness or sticking your head in the sand; this is about empowering teams to tackle problems head-on with a positive mindset.