Easy to Say, Harder to Do: Putting Psychological Safety Into Practice

by | Aug 18, 2023 | All Blogs

While the value of speaking up, embracing vulnerability, and challenging the status quo is crystal clear, the question arises: How do we infuse this into the DNA of our organisations?

It’s a puzzle with many pieces, closely intertwined with the roles we hold within a company. CEOs and senior executives? They’re at the forefront of this mission, steering the ship toward safe harbours of authentic communication and growth.

Love this article for breaking down some practical steps to actually implementing this. Here are the takeaways:
1️⃣ Lead by Showing How It’s Done: Talk is cheap, actions aren’t. Execs need to roll up their sleeves and walk the talk. Candor meter low? Fix it. Be the change you want.
2️⃣ Action, Not Just Chat: “Speak up more” – sounds good, but how? Get specific. A psychological safety playbook with real-world moves, like sharing fails or diving into salaries, gives this concept some teeth.
3️⃣ Celebrate wins: Big wins hog the spotlight, but small victories matter. Regularly shout out the little wins. It keeps the troops fired up and sparks appreciation.

As we take psychological safety from ‘oh, that’s a cool idea’ to ‘heck, let’s make it real’, the possibilities are limitless. Let’s navigate toward a world where authenticity rules and growth knows no bounds.