I always say ‘environments change people’. Simon Sinek’s story of ‘Noah’ in the Trusting Teams is a great example of this.

by | Jun 10, 2023 | All Blogs

I needed to change.

Unlike many, working from home was doing my head in! The distractions, the ease in which you become convenient, which leads to more distractions.

The lack of separation mentally, emotionally and physically between work and your place of peace and rest (4 kids under 16 kind of destroys that, but I live in hope!)

So I found an office in the unlikeliest of places – right above the gym I go to – in Coorparoo, Brisbane.

Why do I go to this gym?

💠 It is personalised and the owners and trainers are highly qualified experts who also train athletes and are exercise scientists. The program and system has been meticulously designed and everything has purpose and the staff educate you on the ‘why’ of every detail. ‘How’ to do something is the priority, not how much. They don’t let you fail at learning the ‘how’.
💠 How fit you are is irrelevant, everyone is welcome from all walks of life in all shapes and sizes.
💠 The environment is magnetic. You feel like you can be yourself and that you are a part of a community of like minded but diverse bunch of people.
💠 The environment drives you to want to do better, achieve more, break new ground and everyone around you is like your own support crew – members and staff
💠 The conversations here range from laughing until it hurts (mostly these ones as they are great for your abs) to chatting about real issues in your life with other members who are going through similar situations.
💠 I am motivated, engaged, determined and have a consistent productively positive mindset.


So, I moved in! I walk into my office and see this every morning. When I have moments of doubt or frustration, I look to my right and I see this. I hear the dull thuds of the ‘sic’ beats blaring and the staff supporting and coaching people day in day out.

Surround yourself, no hold on, IMMERSE yourself in an environment that unleashes the real YOU! If you are stuck and feel that you can’t just do that, find a new place to start going to with the little time you have.

💠 a walk around the park
💠 your favourite coffee shop
💠 your mates house
💠 the library
💠 the museum
💠 the local footy game

Whatever it is for you, go there and go there more. Listen to your internal chatter when you are there. Connect with yourself and find that fire and follow it!