Team psychological safety is a shared belief

by | Oct 7, 2023 | All Blogs

This quote nails it. Simply put, there is no real collaboration happening without psychological safety. Without it, teamwork is just a fancy word for “working beside each other.”

If your team are not comfortable enough around you to be honest, feel safe admitting mistakes or even advocating for their own needs, then I can tell you now, you are going to have a tough time achieving real long-term success, productivity and innovation.

If you have ever felt the frustration of silence in the face of mishaps from your team, hold the mirror. As a leader, the onus is on you to cultivate an environment where speaking up is the norm, not the exception. Be the reason your team isn’t just a group of individuals, but a powerhouse of collective brilliance. Be the advocate for openness and transparency, and watch your team thrive.