What a week with the crew from UFinancial!!

by | May 4, 2023 | All Blogs

For me, it was a first hand experience of a business that is already at the top of their game but maintains a fire in the belly to learn more, understand more and remain open to new ideas. Not only did the leadership team commit two days to delve deeper into leadership and culture, they gave me their entire team for a day as well! This commitment to learning and developing and finding new ways to progress and innovate is outstanding, particularly given the business is in such a great position. It would have been easy for this team to sit back, not UFinancial!

🔺 The team genuinely LOVE working there. These are the actual words that the team members used to describe why they LOVE the environment and culture:

🔺 Its a safe place, I can be myself all the time, there is no judgement
🔺 Its so supportive and inclusive and I can relate to everyone
🔺 I’ve never worked in a place like it, I love it!
🔺 You’ve got so much support and everyone helps each other out
🔺 I have complete autonomy
🔺 I just love it here so much
🔺 The Leaders and Directors are so approachable and supportive

This flows onto their customers’ experience directly. If you need advice or guidance on anything financial in your life, I highly recommend UFinancial from what I witnessed and experienced this week.

What a fantastic and experienced bunch of people! Congratulations team, you have nurtured and built a culture that would be the envy of so many right now! Protect it as you grow and keep forging!